Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Please, find our License Agreement draft here.

It often happens that our customers prefer to use their own contract samples. We are happy with that way as soon as it doesn’t contradict our terms and conditions.

1) Click “BROWSE” tab on the left of “HOME” page and browse by thumbnails and titles. We suggest you to narrow the list down filtering by appropriate category (period) OR tag (subject matter).

On each footage page, there are tag tabs at the buttom. Use them to find similar material.

2) You can use the search box instead. Enter the essential keyword(s) and the system will give you all the clips containing that words in their titles and/or discriptions. The search algorythm is based on exact matches; so, please, be accurate to choose the effective keywords.

3) Click on “FOOTAGE SEARCH REQUEST», fill in the form – and we’ll find the footage for you

It is FREE if your request is specific enough: Who? When? Where? and Why?

In case your subject is general, like for example “Anything about Cold War”, you still do not have to pay for the search itself. However, we’ll ask you to refund the costs of our job by paying for the preview files we’ll propose you on your request. The rate to be discussed after we know your request’s details. NOTE, you don’t have to buy a preview if you don’t like its screen grab and brief.

No. Online files are compressed for quick and easy playback. The high resolution files, you will receive on your order, shall be in broadcast quality. However, if you can’t see clearly what happens in a shot, you can order the better quality preview for your rough edits. It’s free.

All the videos are mastered to

Quick Time (.mov)

Photo JPEG

Progressive scan

If you have a special format requirement, let us know and we’ll solve that.

It is simple. You contact us giving the ID and timecode of the video required. Then we send you a license. Once we receive the license countersigned, you’ll get a link to your master file(s) and invoice. All these shall take no more than hour from our side. After we get the payment – the deal is complete.

Presently, we accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill/Moneybookers
  • Western Union
  • PayPal (only for large orders)

Yes. We always do that by default. You’ll get a few additional seconds on each end of each video fragment ordered. It’s free.

The lowest order amount is 10 seconds. No per cut minimum.

Yes, we can have a deal in some case like, for example, personal use, non-profit use, web quality demanded, large order, order from regular customer. If you believe, you have a strong reason for discount, do not hesitate to ask.

Yes. We have a lot of material on this. Please, make your request through “footage request” form, and we’ll make the selection for you.

Other questions? Get help here